The influence of thermotherapy on the human body

The influence of heat energy delivered from the outside to the body depends on many factors, but first of all on the size of the body surface affected by the heat treatment. If during the overheating we affect small areas, physiological effects directly affect local changes, while changes in distant parts of the body and organs are secondary changes. When using heat on large body surfaces, physiological effects are the result of stimulation of systemic thermoregulation and affect all organs and systems of the human body.

Physiological changes during thermotherapy treatments result in:

• stimulation and increased activity of thermoreceptors and sensory fibers
• stimulation of centrifugal nerve fibers, which can affect the mechanisms of the core gland, responsible for controlling the pain stimuli delivered to the central nervous system

• reduction of muscle tone through the heat supplied to muscle spindles and Golgi endings in muscle tendons

• the reaction of the surface blood vessels and deeper to the thermal factor, acting locally and generally

• increased blood flow in blood vessels and organs and increased exchange of tissue fluids.

How it’s working?

Water heating bed systems find many applications. In the transition periods they allow to save up on heating. They also have a major therapeutic importance. During the sleep on an water heating pad, our muscle corset is relaxed, and rheumatic symptoms are alleviated. Increased temperature causes lowering of stress level and allows to become fully relaxed during the sleep.

Warer heating bed ystems are especially recommended for the elderly. When choosing a heating pad, attention should be paid to the functions that determine its safe use. The HYDROMED system should be fitted with the timer switching of hi temperature heating after 1 hour. It also ensures safety in the situation when we forget about disconnecting the unit from the mains and leave the house or fall asleep. We should not get overheated.

Electrical heating blankets should be fitted with the system of limited operation time with higher temperatures set. The HYDROMED system is fitted with all useful functions in thermotherapy.

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