• Bed water heating system

    The revolution in bed heating and home thermotherapy.

  • Comfort and safetY

    The revolution in bed heating and home thermotherapy.

  • Relief in osteoarticular pain

    The revolution in bed heating and home thermotherapy.

  • Thermotherapy in your house

    The revolution in bed heating
    and home thermotherapy.

The most asking question…


 HYDROMED is a technologically advanced bed heating system, consisting of a microprocessor-controlled circulator and a pad made of high-quality cotton with a built-in system of silicone heating pipes.


It helps with muscle and joint pain and rheumatisme


Hydromed is the right temperature for everyone


No risk of user contact with electric wires

How is it working?

The advantages of the HYDROMED system

Home thermotherapy

In the higher temperature range, the system works as a home thermotherapy device for muscle and osteoarticular pain. It also helps during colds or flu, serving as a “hot bath”. The maximum system operating temperature is 60°C

Comfort sleep

The operating temperature of the system in the range of 20-36°C allows for a comfortable sleep, even when the temperature in the bedroom is low. Smooth regulation allows you to choose the right temperature for each user.

The first of all is safety

The use of the HYDROMED system doesn’t involve the risk of the user contacting the electric wires. The water is flowing in the pad, what protects against of electric shock. The product meets all strict security conditions required in the European Union.

Low electricity consumption

Electric blankets during operation collect electricity in a continuous mode. HYDROMED after heating the water to the set temperature turns off. The microprocessor controls the circulator, which periodically checks the water temperature in the system and, if necessary, warms it up to the required parameters.

Advantage over electric heating

In contrast to electric blankets and heating sheets, where the heating element is a resistance wire, the HYDROMED system’s heating medium is water. The heat emission coming from the water system of pipes embedded in the pad is even and the sensations resemble a warm bath.

Silence above all

The noise level emitted by the device is no more than 35dB, which in no way interferes with peaceful sleep. This is due to the low-emission circulator pump and the automatic system de-aeration system.

For every bed

The HYDROMED system can be adapted to any size of the bed. Three models are available with three sizes of pads suitable for beds of different sizes. For customers with individual requirements, we manufacture custom-made latex pads in various sizes.

Warranty and service

The product is covered by a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. Complaints are carried out in the DOOR-TO-DOOR system. The producer also provides post-warranty service and permanent access to parts and accessories.

Everything under control

The device can work in continuous mode or with a time limitation of 1 to 12 hours. To limit the emission of light from the control panel, just turn on the night mode.

Security systems

HYDROMED takes care of the users’ safety. There is a safety switch in the base of the circulator, which cuts off the power supply of the device if it is tipped over. The water level control system will immobilize the device and inform the user if the water level drops below the required level.

We care about details

Pad is made of the highest quality materials. The sheathing is made of high quality cotton.
The pipe system inside the pad is made of silicone.


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Hygiene of use

The pad can be washed. The rules for washing the pad are described in the device’s instruction manual. To improve the hygiene of use, the undercoat can be periodically replaced with new ones. It is possible to purchase a new pad in any dimension. They are available in permanent sale as an accessory.

Easy and intuitive operation

While designing the device, the number of buttons has been limited to an absolute minimum. Controlling the device is facilitated by the included remote control, which allows you to change the parameters of the system “without getting up the bed”.

Customers opinion

Recently I started using the hydromed system and I can recommend it with all my heart. At night I stopped freezing and in the morning I do not wake up cold or tight. In addition, I feel weakness of my back pain which bothered me a lot. A big plus is the choice of different sizes of sleepers. I would recommend.

Jan Wolski

The purchase of the Hydromed system was a hit! My problems with constant freezing on cold evenings and nights have been solved. The foundation I bought is well made and safe. Now I have my own thermotherapy center at home. I honestly recommend.

Beata L.

The hydromed product is really high quality. I have recently bought one of the heated sleepers and now I can heat my body and the joints that hurt me. A great invention!

Jolanta W. Wrocław

Operating temperature

1-12 h


1,5-2,5 l

Water capacity in the system

0,1-0,3 kWh

Power consumption